A dedicated space to share & support each other, with resources & practices to tap into and live from our innate SMART model wisdom as pregnant or postpartum Mothers. 

Dear Mother,

*Are you feeling overwhelmed as a mother in your postpartum journey? (or pregnancy journey?) 

*Have you felt like mothering and postpartum should be an intimate "nesting" time? 

*Are you needing support for your postpartum time? 

*Would you like to experience magic of this time? (Pregnant mother's welcome!) 

Would you like to? 

*Feel confident in your own choices, and intuition as a Mother? 

*Understand how to support your child or children better as a Mother?

*Receive mood support, healthy support and nutritional support? 

*Monthly Zoom Calls Together online?

*Resources, Nutrition Plans, Postpartum Planning, and more? 

*Specifically Christian/Catholic based collective program.... (If on a phone scroll down past pictures to read more about our postpartum collective!)  Join for Mary's Month of May! 

Your Postpartum Collective Membership includes:

What's included in a postpartum collective? 

*Monthly group zoom call - support for mothers who do not have any other support

*Discount on our Herbal classes for mothers! 

*Resources:  Postpartum Plans, Meal plans, guides to various things, etc. 

*Specialized wellness plan for mothers who choose "Extra bonus" option when enrolling. 

*Special webinars (depending on season) for mothers - recorded or live options.  (This is bonus to above). 

*Possible guest speakers in near future! 

*Special Bonus for those who pay in full (Scroll to bottom to see those specials). 

Join for Mary's Month of May - save $50 if you join for a year and get bonus stuff! 

This club is easy membership - join for $17 a month or $155 a year! Save $50 if you join for one year. 

*Fine print: We do not offer refunds on our collective membership. If you want to join for one month to try it out - great! Use the monthly plan where you can cancel at anytime! Thank you! 

Pregnant mothers are welcome. Postpartum time for us is up to 2 years after birth! 

Subscription link below for monthly $17 a month payments. You may cancel at anytime. 

The cycle stops at 12 months - if you prefer a Square payments contact me at and I can set that up with Square instead. Thank you. 

Next button is with Square for pay in full option of $150 - there will be a bonus book included - A Catholic Postpartum and $5 ship fee applies - so technically $155 will be the total deal. Thank you! 

The button is under the baby picture - it says "Buy Now" green button. 

Pay in full members receive bonus below:

*Access to a Free postpartum plan template!  Bonus Book: A Catholic Postpartum will be included!

*Access to Heart of Our Lady Aroma-herb-Mama course (previously known as Hart Song Herbal). (No extra charge! This class is valued at $150!)  Bonus for pay in full for limited time! 

*One specialized wellness plan session from Healing Heart Wellness. (Virtual sessions are available).  (This can also include postpartum planning if so desired). 

*Discount on future wellness sessions from Healing Heart Wellness. 

*And more bonus coming soon.