What's a Postpartum Collective? 

Welcome mother or pregnant mother! 

A postpartum collective is kind of like a club or membership for mothers who are postpartum. 

A pregnant mother in her 2nd or 3rd trimester may also join our collective. We have decided it would be easier to offer one membership program for pregnancy and postpartum - though we call it a postpartum collective - pregnant mothers are more than welcome to join before your baby arrives - this way you will have your planning done! 

We offer you some of the following for belonging to our collective - monthly based items:

*Monthly group zoom call - support for mothers who do not have any other support

*Discount on our Hart Song Herbal Aroma-Herb-Mama course or other future classes. 

*Resources: Meal plans, guides to various things, etc. 

*Specialized wellness plan for mothers who choose "Extra bonus" option when enrolling. 

*Special webinars (depending on season) for mothers - recorded or live options. 

*Possible guest speakers in near future! 

This club is easy membership - join for $17 a month or $155 a year! Save $50 if you join for one year. Pay in full members receive bonus below:

*Access to a Free postpartum plan template!  Bonus Book: A Catholic Postpartum will be included!

*Access to Hart Song Herbal Aroma-herb-Mama course. (No extra charge! This class is valued at $150!) 

*One specialized wellness plan session from Healing Heart Wellness. (Virtual sessions are available).  (This can also include postpartum planning if so desired). 

*Discount on future wellness sessions from Healing Heart Wellness. 

*And more bonus coming soon. 

*Members will also have access to special areas on Catholic Doula website that are for members only! (These areas will have resource library and more!) 

If you are super excited and want to join now - please hit the enrollment buttons below - there are two options. A monthly subscription plan via PayPal for 12 months or you can cancel at anytime. Or you may choose pay in full feature as well and pay all at one time  and you will receive the extra bonus materials mentioned! 

*Fine print: We do not offer refunds on our collective membership. If you want to join for one month to try it out - great! Use the monthly plan where you can cancel at anytime! Thank you! 

Subscription link below for monthly $17 a month payments. You may cancel at anytime. The cycle stops at 12 months: 

Next button is for pay in full option - there will be a bonus book included - A Catholic Postpartum and $5 ship fee applies - so technically $155 will be the total deal. Thank you!