Where to get the second edition? Right now we have it on amazon. Look for the cover like above - as this is the second edition! Thanks. 

What's A Catholic Postpartum book?

Review from a friend who recently read the book: 

Reviewing A Catholic Postpartum by Julie Larsen

Margaret Wolfe

"This was a phenomenal and eye-opening book. Wow, there's so much to learn from this book. My favorite part about this book was Tinctures, Bath Sitz and more section that was especially helpful and interesting. As a Catholic, I really found the saint section in the back compelling and gave me great hope. I also really enjoyed the section on cloth diapering as this is becoming a "fashionable" thing again. An interesting fact that i learned is that 50% to 85% of moms suffer from postpartum depression. A lot of interesting facts about that too.  I would strongly recommend this book to any mommas who are looking for a Catholic perspective on dealing with the postpartum stage.

Amazon stars 5 stars" 

Book's table of contents - this is for the new second edition that is being released 3/9/2023 - previous table of contents may be slightly different order:

Chapter One: Introduction pg. 4

Chapter 2: Introduction to Breastfeeding pg. 12

Chapter 3: Nutritional Needs Part A pg. 22 Part B. 27

Chapter 4: Getting prepared for baby pg. 33 Baptism pg. 43

SMART Mother Model pg. 48

Chapter 5: Baby Care 101 pg.  54

Chapter 6: Time for the Plan for Postpartum pg.  61

Chapter 7: Belly binding and wear your baby pg. 73

Chapter 8: Postpartum depression by Jada Glover pg. 80

Chapter 9: Exercise time pg.  95

Chapter 10: B.L.O.O.M. support pg. 99

Chapter 11: Challenges after birth (C-section) pg. 101

Bonus A Sitz Bath/tinctures pg. 109

Chapter 12: What’s a Rebozo? 114

Chapter 13: Saints of Motherhood pg. 121

Bonus B and C: Churching of Women/Baptism pg. 151

Bonus D Recipes pg. 157

and Appendix A-I pg. 175